2016 Programme Editorial Preview

What a summer it’s been! Even the most apolitical pragmatists have been obliged to reflect on the meaning and value of community. The result, we find, is that the opinion of the nation is pretty evenly polarised and no one knows what to do next. So, no change there! Certainly, uppermost in many people’s minds was concern for the prospects of young people. Our children face an uncertain future. Fortunately, our richly diverse communities contain at least part of the solution. Dance Around The World is just one of innumerable opportunities for cultural exchange. Dance is an international language and traditional dance is one of the pearls of the intangible heritage of every community. To share your dance with others is an affirming and enriching experience. Far from diluting specific traditions, the act of sharing them helps to define them. To dance together is to discover what we have in common rather than what separates us.

Of course, dance, on its own, may not be the answer to all the problems we face as a society but it’s a great place to start!  Traditional dance offers to show us the best of our shared values whilst honouring each individual’s unique place in the world and that is good for all our children.